MiDAS Induction: Standard or Accessible

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  • Venue: Community Action Fareham 163 West Street, Fareham, PO16 0EF
  • Cost: Induction Standard - £85 (voluntary sector) £95 (local authority, schools, private companies). Induction Accessible - £90 (voluntary sector) £100 (local authority, schools, private companies).

MiDAS (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme) is a national scheme to enhance the driving and passenger awareness skills of minibus drivers. MiDAS is not a legal requirement but is increasingly being accepted as best working practice. Most organisations operating minibuses like their drivers to have a MiDAS certificate.

Induction courses

MiDAS offers two types of certificate:

  • Standard (for driving only)
  • Accessible (in addition to driving, this includes safely securing wheelchairs)

To be MiDAS trained, you will need to take either a Standard Induction or Accessible Induction course.

The training consists of one classroom session, followed by a separate driving assessment.

Standard Induction courses

  • Day One – half day theory session
  • Day Two – 2 to 3 hours practical

Accessible Induction courses

  • Day One – one day theory
  • Day Two – half day practical
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